RegionLands of Purity
MapHadraniel, Adellum

The Holy Passage is a continuation of the Sorrow Road. The name changes at Gadyan. The Holy Passage begins at the west gate of this fortress. It then goes west through the Marrow Fields and crosses the Ithen by way of Gazulud-Gik. The road then continues west to the Anassúmë. At this river, a ferry will take travellers across to Elgatâz. Travellers can pass through the city and join with the road again on the other side, or take the longer route around the city. The Holy Passage continues west across the Hlophar-Maur. Several miles into Hlophar-Maur the road bends to the southwest, heading towards the coasts of Galathien. At the Hound Walsh, is the village of Trudnabatti. In this village, travellers can take a boat to the island city of Muzratân, or take the bridge Girderhead Crossing and cross over the Hound Walsh. The road then continues along the coast until it reaches Helmstar.

From Helmstar, the road follows the great canal of Hîngar-Hloth, passing into the town of Agâthlôni. In this town the Holy Passage spurs the Divine Road heading due west. The Holy Passage cuts south following the Lurans.

Nearing Baurwen Forest, the Holy Passage splits into three roads, the Holy Passage continues to the coastal city of Phanax. Another road, the Hairfoot Path heads east towards As'lumix. The third road, the Beard Trail heads towards the ancient city of Iglutt.