Earth Skin Rot

infection zone
Period1080 - present

In 921, miners out of Phaluth and others from villages and towns across Mîn-Mazan began digging the lonely peak Zigil. This mountain is a holy place dedicated to those Earthen that served under Storralk in the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE). The miners were met with resistance by earth spirits of the lands, Galeb-Duhr, stone giants and earth elementals . This increased as they dug deeper into the mountains, such that Phelehorn sent forces in to clear out the mountain's guardians. The conflict between mining interests and the mountain's guardians went on for nearly 160 years. This came to a head in 1080 when Phelehorn's army breached the Earth Shrine. The defenders seeing death at their gates, tapped into the raw energy of Chaos. It is unknown what they used, an artifact or some other great power, but a rift opened. The rift released a barrage of rocks against the attacking armies. There was so much debris, that it created a vast rock-strewn area known today as Gandal. The attackers suffered devastating losses. Thereafter, several hundred Earth Archon poured out of the Earth Shrine and mercilessly slaughtered the wounded and drove off the remnants of the army. The survivors made their way back to Phaluth. Little did they know, they were also infected with a terrible disease called the Earth Skin Rot.

Some theologians claim that the defenders of Zigil made a deal with the plague god Rioch Tetrax. They say that in return for helping them open a rift to Chaos, some of the rocks that would smash into the attackers be tainted with a virulent disease. Rather than see the fall and desecration of the Earth Shrine these terms were taken. A few hundred wounded Phelehorn soldiers carried the disease back to their homes. This disease was so strong and spread so fast that Phelehorn's population was reduced by 80% in under a year. The people abandoned the lands of the kingdom and splintered across the Clans region. Near the end of 1080, the once great kingdom of Phelehorn was no more.

The disease, mistakenly called Earth Skin Rot by many, was named by Rioch Tetrax as Vector 32A-D7. This disease is still active in the environs of Phaluth but only when someone suffers being struck by the cursed ghosts called the Pawns of Rioch Tetrax.

Tricked by agents of evil, a conclave of priests turned to Rioch Tetrax. He gave them the cure, taking their soul energy as the fee. The dwarven priests, now ghosts, attacked their own.

Even with a cure, the disease was too fast, destroying the Mother of the Maziggandîm Kingdoms.

- Negmull, High Priest of Tallsard - "Duped by Rioch Tetrax"

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