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MapDamazandal River

Damazandal is an Underdark river that passes through regions of Brucrumus's Tier 1 and Tier 2 Underdarks. It is a magical river that flows counterclockwise, its beginning and ending are the same. Unlike normal rivers, it does not flow faster with grade, only by natural increases in volume. East of Nûl-Bazân, this resistance to grade is seen as the river descends gradually over hundreds of miles. After dropping several thousand feet, the river is now in Brucrumus's Subterranean Tier 2. In this area of the Underdark it winds easterly for thousands miles of miles, then begins an equal ascent back to Brucrumus's Subterranean Tier 1 (c.f. sector Kazgon, area Kazgon Ascent).

In the First Epoch, the Damazandal was the salvation for thousands of Malad-Mîn refugees. Their journey began at the Underdark citadel Thûr-Damazandal. They followed the river for three months, disembarking at the future site of Nûl-Bazân. The refugees rebuilt their civilization at this place. A surface people, they worked there way up from the deeps. Thûr-Damazandal was kept open for refugees that might come later. In the Year 90, they established monarchical rule under the kingship of Phlehorn.

The Damazandal river is a very long river, crossing many regions. It is fed by many waterways and in turn has many bleeding off it. Along the way there are many ports, big and small, home to a varied group of civilizations, friendly and those ready to seize your ship if you seem weak. A circular flowing river, it is a major Underdark trade way.