Kossuth Aqueduct

RegionWrymus, Xinparak

The Kossuth Aqueduct is a series of dams, canals, and aqueducts built to evaporate seawater coming into one of Karterus's Tier 2 Underdark regions. The water is evaporated from super heated columns of iron, baked stone, or directly meeting lava. The heat for this sprawling network of evaporation and pressure stations comes from several volcanic areas. Some of the water is forced upwards to Berolaz and Huzar-ArĂ¢n where it becomes part of the Galsour river. This river empties into lake Hatosvir which because of erosion and digging takes the lake's overflow back downward to where it is then redirected through the Kossuth Aqueduct. This flow of water is thus circular with evaporation or loss made up by various pressure stations.

The Kossuth Aqueduct was constructed in the God Era by Kossuth and his minions. It was built to counter Surtur's plans to control the Underdark regions beneath Karterus and possibly even long term goals of having his followers master this continent's surface regions (Goth-Dyvermoir leads the effort to control the surface region Ma'Ohari). This conflict between Surtur and Kossuth has carried on even after both became Higher Powers. Today, it is a conflict between the zealots of Kolprunn and Kossuth's minions in Belfdagny. The latter uses the steaming waters pushed upward from the Kossuth Aqueduct to supply conditions favorable for firenewts, steam mephits, fire giants, and others enjoying extreme heat. The aqueduct also feeds the river Galsour which is used to counter lava rivulets coming off the lava river Ofli Hrolmir. These lava springs are creeping southeast towards Belfdagny and under control of zealots of Surtur based out of Kolprunn.

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