Order 9119 PIIL

TypeCreation War lore

This was an order put out by the legislative branch of the Nawirrûs Covenant. It was commonly referred to as PIIL, meaning Primordial Indocrination Imprisonment Liquidation. The Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), an extremely long war led to a vast code of laws, and bureaucracy. Rules were defined on what to do with captured primordials and their minions. They fell into categories of danger. Many were imprisoned in some high security vault or in the land itself. On the world Bal-Kriav, the continent Denerra is believed to have the greatest number of high security prisons.

For the indoctrination part of PIIL, less dangerous primordial minions passed through a period of indoctrination which sought to remove any direct linkage between them and Chaos or to point out the fact that they were beaten and if they wanted to remain in the Mortal Systems they would be separated far and wide from other members of their military units.

The last part of PIIL was liquidation. This was for those too dangerous to keep around. An interesting point about this is that some Covenant leaders, particularly Bal-Kriav and Athena, refused to carry out liquidations. In these cases, the prisoner was turned over to others powers which had no qualms with getting rid of those deemed too risky to leave in some vault where a natural disasters like an earthquake might crack the vault or enterprising mortals find some way to release the prisoner.

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