Kolning is a volatile island off Gorejun's southeastern tip. Deep black volcanic ash covers the slopes of the island's smoking peaks. These volcanoes are perpetually smoking and periodically erupting. The island continually undergoes a metamorphosis as smoking fissures of rock open up expelling gouts of lava or rivers of the magma cascading down the islands three looming volcanic peaks.

Kolning is the home of many fire-dwelling creatures; with azer, salamanders, and firenewts being the most common.

Vast mineral wealth is rumored to exist on the island. Most of the trade with visitors is handled by the azer. They import wheat, fruit, and other foodstuffs that don't fair to dwell with the island's frequent volcanic eruptions. In exchange, ships leave with gemstones, finished goods, iron, silver, and platinum. Sailors claim the wealth garnered for trading here is much greater than to other ports.

Notable Areas