Kossuth Bellows


Kossuth Bellows is a hellish cavern complex that snakes under Kolning's volcanoes. The area was named after the primordial Kossuth. In the Demon Spawn War, he was allied with the angels and gods. The many caverns of the area are linked to the island's volcanoes which is the reason why the place became a major forge for Covenant forces.

In 1834, Zhuts Explorers scouted the area and learned of a very large Zone of Great Magic and a similarly sized Dead Magic Zone. Both of these areas were under the protection of Kossuth zealots and none to eager to let outsiders near them.

They stated that the area was forbidden to any not directly serving the leaders of the Quara'tun Covenant. Later I compared this to some ancient history and found it quite amusing that they claimed to be protecting the area for a military alliance that ended over six millennia ago. Perhaps one day if we get back there, I might bring them up-to-date, and take some of their shit.

- Snaketongue, of Zhuts Explorers - "History Lapse"