Vortices of Khushnír

RegionLands of Purity, Onvorn
BuiltHorgon Era

The Vortices of Khushnír are magical whirlpools located in the Ebonmurk and in Galathien. There are three vortices in each of these oceans. These whirlpools are mediums of travel between the surface of Galathien and the Underdark sea Ebonmurk. When on Galathien, something that enters the whirlpool will be taken down to the Ebonmurk, while those entering them from the Ebonmurk will be taken up to Galathien. The passage is safe for crafts and swimmers.

The Vortices of Khushnír were created by the fomorian conjurer Khushnír. This powerful conjurer of the Horgon Era learned how to make these marvels from tomes plundered from Phollûmâ. The Vortices of Khushnír are very similar to other magical whirlpools like the Rath Vun and the Lokzii Ven.

The whirlpools across Ebonmurk and Galathien have individual names, but collectively they are called the Vortices of Khushnír.

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