Radullu Creep

RegionLands of Purity, Northern Hordelands, Troll Bogs
Period1688 DE - present

The vast wetlands stretching from the Northern Hordelands into the Troll Bogs and ending in the Lands of Purity is a product of the Radullu Rift. In the Lands of Purity and in the dark reaches beneath, are a number of containment measures, God Folley, the Aglak Rampart, the Tara-Har Depression and others, all put in place to move the great volumes of water, sediment and vegetation back to whence it came.

It is a southward flow of matter and liquid from a world incomprehensibly distant from our own. A world so distant that Chaos's stewards created a rift to speed-up their invasion plans. Eventually, the first angelic covenant learned of this rift. They carried out an operation on the faraway world, leading to the flooding of the rift opening on Throndar.

Even today, thousands of years after these happenings, water and silt from that faraway world continue to pour into our own.

You may wonder what keeps the water table in equilibrium. This was fixed by Silvanus. He had a return rift built somewhere in the Troll Bogs, hidden by divine magic, warded such that anything less than a Higher Power can take note of it.

- Boglin, regional report at a Glade Summit - "Radullu Creep"