Covenant Holy Bastion

the Covenant Holy Bastion Šušullûn
TypeGod Era history

The Covenant Holy Bastions were built in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). They served as regional headquarters for the Quara'tun Covenant. They were places built for the forces of good, a holy bastion that faced an onslaught of chaos and evil from the very bowels of the Abyss. When one of these Covenant Holy Bastions fell, then one or more of a world's geographic regions were assumed to now be under the grip of some Demon Lord.

These bastions served as a central headquarters for archangels like those of the Golden Seven, Asmodeus and allies like Bahamut, all facing a seemingly infinite number of demons flooding out of the Abyss.

After the God Era, these bastions were left to whoever found them. Even today, thousands of years after the God Era, they are holy places with divine blessings that are very powerful. They are warded such that even if someone were of sufficient power to remove the blessing, they must then contend with the re-application of the magical blessing by those that once resided in them - this includes the likes of Ares, Athena, Naraz-Nâru, and Phalgas; archangels once headquartered in these hallow bastions. Each of these personages are now Higher Powers viewing the disruption of a Covenant's blessings as sacrilegious. Even Ares, although no longer good aligned, views these places as something personal where they fought with valor to stem the tide of destruction that would have surely brought ruin and demon occupation of Bal-Kriav.

Covenant Holy Bastions
NameRegionNotable LeadersDefended Against
IgluttLands of PurityNaraz-Nâru
PhollûmâHells WombPhalgasDemogorgon
Pruziig ZeikangaarAerie of DragonsBahamutOrcus
VorangrithGreat ExpanseAvandraDemogorgon