RegionLands of Purity

Guleddab was once a flat grassy plain, gently sloping down from the Slafknara Forest. In the Demon Spawn War, it was part of a region firmly in control of Covenant forces. They used Guleddab as a calvary training area, with the troops supported by nearby Iglutt. The Covenant commanders Silvanus and Athena worked together in this area, creating the first entirely unicorn calvary regiment, ridden by Athena's all-female cavaliers, the True Sabers.

After the Demon Spawn War, and into the Lith-Crillion Era, the area began to change. Mt. Bophungad became an active volcano. Over hundreds of eruption across thousands of years, Guleddab, southwest of the volcano, began to lower. By the Horgon Era, it had become a depression, its northern edge the Sharazâr escarpment, with walls looming high above. In 1102 HG, Mt. Bophungad's southwestern wall collapsed. This shifted future volcanic devastation away from periodically razing Slafknara to turning Guleddab into a cracked wasteland.

Guleddab is not all wasteland, there are parts with rich black soil, used in farming. These areas are not constant though, with eruptions changing the terrain every so often.

This cracked wasteland with its islands of life still has unicorns. They come for a short time, attracted, as if it were a pilgrimage site.