Danzar-Khâl created the Dwarven language as a secret code for communicating with Bruh Kreniik. After some too curious angels broke the code, the use of Dwarven between Bruh Kreniik and his fellow Creationist became more casual in nature; it is said that the angels who picked up on the language did so magically with the newly invented spell Tongues. When Danzar-Khâl created the Dulun, he planted in them the knowledge of the Dwarven language. This is often called Danzar-Khâl's First Secret.

Some of the Creationists gave newly created races a unique language. Perhaps this was their way of giving them identity and something to differentiate them from other races beyond just physical appearance.

- Mar'tolb, Sycophant of the 2nd Order - "Language of Identity"

Races of the realm that have Dwarven as their first language are the Galeb-Duhr, Dulun, Turkûn, Mezrack, Derro, Azwyr Amoruk, and the Goliath.