Agiid Hil Burning Heart

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasBurning Heart
Hiznaar GozYol Skerah

Agiid Hil is an active volcano of Hiznaar Goz. Its eruptions commonly spew into Suf Qahlon resulting in tremendous clouds of steam. Fire giants, dragons, and steam mephits are a common sight in the area during this time, each seeming to take enjoyment from the clouds of hot vapor. The steam mephits are by no means a native of the area. During the eruptions of Agiid Hil these creatures are drawn into this realm from short-lived rifts Bal-Kriav and areas of Chaos. The steam mephits are not the only types that come through, there area also smoke and lava mephits. Some of the more cunning and quick to act, make for the wilds. Those that tarry too long in the area are often captured by slavers out of Vadrarg, Gaard Goraag, and other nearby holds.

Ringing the northern rim of Agiid Hil is a colossal half-circle fortress called Vadrarg. This place is impressive in size, but pales in comparison to a massive basalt and lava stone statue on the slopes behind it. This statue was raised long ago by the fire giants of Talothand as a monument to Surtur. Centuries of eruptions, weather, and time have had little effect on this 500' tall statue of the Lord of Fire.

Notable Areas