Cerbere lava flow

Cerbere is a one hundred mile long depression cut by magma rivulets, smokers, steam vents, and other types of volcanic activity. The place was named by the demon empire Varelay. During the reign of this empire, the demons tore this area apart with their mining activity. This eventually caused the volcanoes of Hen'khas to erupt more frequently. Cerbere became a more volatile area with lava lakes and rivers flowing through it for most of the year. This period of volcanic activity came to be known as the Varelay Upheaval (2608 LE - 16 HE).

The highlands surrounding this wasteland are the northernmost edge of Kimaris. When the volcanoes are active, the lava flows into the area creating many noxious and smoky lakes of magma. Many geysers, steam vents, and smaller volcanoes dot the area.

Cerbere is home to bands of fire giants, salamanders and other fiery brutes. Most answer to Goth-Dyvermoir, yet enough don't to make this area very dangerous to their forces and travellers. The territory north of Cerbere is claimed by the Burterinii. It is a disputed area between the two empires and strewn with the broken implements and bones from many battles.

Notable Areas