RaceFire Giant

Botaff is a tribe of fire giants tainted with demon blood. In the Demon Spawn War, they allied with the demons against the gods. In the final months of Kodgroar, Botaff's male fire giants were doing what would be the last of their fighting. Kodgroar was bound to fall, so the demon lord Baphomet came up with the idea of planting demon seeds in the wives and mates of those falling in battle. A dozen or so incubus under Baphomet, infiltrated the homes of their wives and mates. They disguised themselves as their fire giant lovers and seeded a future generation of demon blooded giants.

The Botaff are undoubtedly, the meanest, cruelest and most cunning fire giants of Borngring. They were a threat to the Hofthorm and remain a problem to the peoples of the Hlimi Kingdoms. Today, they are holed up in the ruins of Imrik and answer to a powerful dracolich named Sahqon Lok Maar.

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