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Vla'akith is a name taken by those who ascend to rule over various githyanki empires. Normally, as part of their coronation, they embrace lichdom. Vla'akith CXV, better known today as Lady Hunger, is the only empress to break this tradition, instead choosing vampire.

To-date, only one male githyanki has had this title. The rest have all been githyanki woman. Some of these Vla'akith strive for an even greater title, turning the masses to worship them as if they were a god. A few have become gods during these periods of pseudo-theocracy, when the populace worships a mortal in hope they will be elevated to godhood.

This pseudo-theocracy is a system unique to Githyanki culture, a way for the githyanki to promote one of their own to godhood. A Vla'akith, always a githyanki empress, attempt to garner enough Divine Power from their worshipper base, hoping to join the ranks of the Higher Powers as the representative among peers for Githyanki mortal interests.

- Golvix, 6th Order Housecarl under House Vrankalli - "Pseudo-Theocracy, the Old Way"

The first githyanki empire, and still the oldest, was founded a year after the Incarsabec Rebellion (1531 HE - 1544 HE). Its leader was Gith, Vla'akith I of the B'lailleth Empire.

Vla'akith Line
True NameCoronation NameReignEmpireNotes
GithVla'akith I1545 HE - 1555 HEB'lailleth Empire
Zylashe Vla'akithVla'akith II1555 HE - 1568 HEB'lailleth Empireassassinated her predecessor Gith
Lady HungerVla'akith CXV720 - presentB'lailleth Empirevampire empress
Ta'keen Gel'i'cVla'akith CXVI820 - 838Har'kish Empirestart of Har'kish
Seh'kresh Kir'museVla'akith CLVI1269 - 1301Har'kish Empireslain by Pivix Cari'lith
Pivix Cari'lithVla'akith CLVII1301 - 1510Har'kish Empirebecame a god
Tha'tira Vu'tiroVla'akith CLVIII1510 - currentHar'kish Empirecurrent ruler
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