Precision Strike

CategorySquad X7E Missions
OperationPrecision Strike
Strike RankSub Three
Background Report

Vraga Moltus, capital of the Farinteen Empire has been struck by a massive blast of positive energy. Agents of the local Sanguine Whispers guild in Vraga Moltus say that the cause of the attack was from a massive rock, probably five miles in diameter. It cloaked most of the city in a great shadow. It remained in the sky for a half an hour motionless. Then from a small rise on its surface, a bright blue-yellow glow appeared. Moments later the massive rock disappeared and then the great city of Vraga Moltus was shook as if by the foot of Atlas slammed into the heart of the city.

A blast of positive energy radiated outward from ground zero, vaporizing everything within a 500' diameter. Most other beings were destroyed up to a point of 750' except those in towers and other defenses.

The Ministry of War for Vraga Moltus believes this to be a military attack by an unknown enemy. The attack was precise, utterly destroying the Emperor's elite garrison. Estimate of losses are 2,350 soldiers killed and over 3,000 wounded and missing soldiers and citizens.

Our spies have learned that Braca-Hloth encountered this asteroid a year ago at their base on Opulent Eye. They suffered severe casualties to their ground forces from a surprise attack by a weapon called the Hand of Gith. This sneak attack was followed by a squadron of githyanki Ravaon that descended from the clouds. All contact with the giff base has been lost.

We speculate that the githyanki are seizing bases on Opulent Eye in preparation for a major offensive.

A captured githyanki was interrogated and kindly provided us with this information before his mind turned to jelly from a powerful psionic attack. Our Psi Corps said that this projection of mind power could have only come from someone of the likes of the Lich-Goddess Gith or Emperor Blac'drugulois.

Intel on the Eye of Gith

  • The Eye of Gith is on a massive rock capable of shunting from the Astral Sea to an adjoining world.
  • The massive rock is five miles in diameter. The surface is barren and desolate.
  • The githyanki call the asteroid the Eye of Gith.
  • The weapon of destruction is called the Hand of Gith.
  • The Hand of Gith fires gravity bombs called the Voices of Gith.
  • The githyanki have amassed a large fleet of troop and attack ships with a personnel complement of 50,000+ soldiers
  • Garrisoned on the Eye of Gith are one World Assault Core and one Brotherhood of Gith Battalion.

Some of this information is obviously false, exaggerations, or propaganda. We have no other information to help you. This mission is of the utmost importance. Failure to destroy the Hand of Gith in a timely manner will result in the destruction of more military targets. We are sending Assault Squads to every major city in the Lands of Purity. If you spot the Eye of Gith, have Zaos mind link the captain of the Stellar Shark. He will then arrive quickly via the Astral Sea and pick you up.

Your squad must then journey to the surface of the asteroid and seek out the location of the Hand of Gith. Do not make your presence known as you land. They have a large garrison on the surface if what the unfortunate githyanki stated was true. You will be rewarded 1,000,000gp for the success of this mission.

A clever one uses a deft hand.

- Viper One, Contract Officer for the Council of Entrieda

Prime Objectives
  • Destroy the Hand of Gith
Secondary Objectives
  • Steal any relics or technology of importance
  • Cause as much destruction and havoc within the fortress, as you deem necessary