Defending the claim

In the Har'kish Civil War (1292 - 1312), House Vrankalli were on the side of the githyanki separatists. In a war both political and religious, the Vrankalli fought for religious reasons, desiring to open up religion beyond the pseudo-theocracy that had long held sway over the Har'kiishin Empire.

This so-called pseudo-theocracy is a system unique to Githyanki culture, a way for the githyanki to promote one of their own to godhood. A Vla'akith, always a githyanki empress, power hungry, they seek divine power from their people, their goal to join the ranks of the Higher Powers as the representative among peers for Githyanki mortal interests.

- Golvix, 6th Order House Carl under House Vrankalli - "Pseudo-Theocracy, the Old Way"

The Vrankalli goal of expanding religious choices failed. This was because of a usurper in the imperial circle. Pivix Cari'lith, a favored personal guard of the reigning Har'kiishin empress, made sure that her boss could not sign the document caving to ideas of religious freedom. Pivix, after doing away with the Har'kiishin ruler, took the helm, becoming Vla'akith CLVII. With Pivix leading the war effort, things got much worse for the separatists. House Vrankalli lost two prominent members to Pivix and her soul-sucking sword Sarquiness.

In the last year of the Har'kish Civil War, House Vrankalli left for Bal-Kriav. On this world, they went to Hells Womb, joining other separatists holed up at Vith Niigol. Six later they and the rest of their kin fled this place to Undercity and then up to Paradomea City. The githyanki got along well in this city, proving to the city's overlords, the Council of Nine, that they were highly skilled in war. A unit was formed to make the best use of their skills, with the Githlar√Ęk formed in 1319. House Vrankalli had personnel in this unit for about a decade. This ended when the unit was influenced by proselytizers of Ares to be war-oriented in spirit as well as body and mind. It was an effective campaign, eventually weeding out other religions influences within the unit. House Vrankalli pulled their people out before they could be convinced by Ares's battle priest proselytizers. Vrankalli were at the time pushing the words of Asmodeus. They were secretive, cult-like, a normal practice when trying to spread a new religion, especially an infernal one, upon the populace. House Vrankalli led these gatherings, for three decades taking orders from the Church of the Ninth Pillar at Galir-Khizad. By the Third Epoch, House Vrankalli led the Church of the Eighth Pillar in Paradomea City, the second most powerful Church of Asmodeus on Bal-Kriav.