colossal scrag
Climatesub-tropical to temperate
ZoneMidrêth, Ninilêth

Mephigax is a vast ocean touching the coasts of Gorejun, Brucrumus, and Straiden. The Mephigax stretches thousands of miles beyond these continents with most of it uncharted.

With strong ocean currents, its winds are the North Easterlies. As a result of this wind, the coastal vegetation of the Troll Bogs have a natural north-easterly bend to them. During the months Bloom through Bliss, the Daphezel Wind flows in the opposite direction of the North Easterlies.

Traveling south-westward is very hazardous to sailing ships. Many are blown of course, smashed onto shoals or lost in the ocean's vast expanse. The waves of this oceans are much stronger and taller than those of adjacent seas like the Pearl and Nielalroch. Ships traveling this ocean, if not following close to the coastlines, require a much stronger construction if they want to survive. For ships making it a habit of plying this ocean, they are built taller and with wood that is both strong and supple.

Thwart with danger, the Mephigax is vast, home to sea serpents dwarfing the largest ships and dotted with islands harboring salamanders, demons, genies and the cyclops. The depths hold cities of the sahuagin and ancient elven ruins overrun by the Scrag. Your pitiful entourage hasn't a paladin's chance in hell of making this journey. You may think the lands and seas close, are dangerous. They don't compare to the stormy endless seas beyond Oralûth.

- Firm Tusk, Elderaunt Explorer Extraordinaire - "Father's Warning"

Notable Islands