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Belnêth is a river delta of the Troll Bogs sector Chen'gom. In this area are many mires, choked wetlands, mazes of small waterways, several large channels, and two lakes. To the west of this area is the Mephigax ocean. Some of Belnêth's larger channels are deep enough for ships to move from the inland Bog Sea to Mephigax's pounding surf.

Belnêth, like many watery areas of the Troll Bogs, is plagued by a plant called shambog. When a sizable number of these plants get together, they can cover a pool, damn a stream, and clog a channel. The waterways of Belnêth are often blocked with massive shambog colonies.

These plants are not life-threatening to the fish, crabs, and other creatures that gain sustenance from the waterways. Shambog is nutrient-rich and airy, it doesn't sap the oxygen from water like some algae blooms. In the lands of Zomaar Yelvaad, huts, towers, and even a city floats on islands of shambog. They are never without food, as shambog is editable and tasty. Carnivores are hard-pressed to eat this plant, but when game is scarce, I have witnessed dire wolves eating the stuff.

- Boglin the Sprite, regional report at a Glade Summit - "Shambog Villages"

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