Grul Tendrok Mud Berm

RegionTroll Bogs

From afar, this place looks like a natural earthen wall, out of place with the flatness of the wetland around it. Standing on the berm's top, it is evident that it serves as the southern wall for an artificial lake. Those who built this structure, mostly Draconic speakers, named it Grul Tendrok; loosely translating to Muck Berm. This earthen wall is a remnant of the Demon Spawn War. It is a huge half-circle berm dotted with hundreds of flood gates. In the battles between forces serving Sess'innek and Semuanya, these gates would be opened, inundating the lands around. This was done under two strategies, either to flood and slow the onslaught of Sess'innek's forces or to mount a quick offensive using canoes, barges, and other craft, riding along rapidly moving waters. After the Demon Spawn War, the structure was abandoned. Strengthened and warded by Semuanya's own magic, it has fared well over the ages.

The structure's flood gates are no longer operational, with most sealed up with silt, mud, vegetation. The interior of Grul Tendrok is not what you would expect. It has nine levels of stonework, a skeleton that reinforced the wall and served as the abode for thousands. Today, it is home to many things, sections parceled out to rival groups or the lair of things more dreadful. Getting around the place is not easy. There are many flooded passages with some levels only reachable by long underwater transits. When the place was built, the combatants of the surrounding area were generally capable of spending considerable time underwater, and with swim speeds equal to or better than on land. This is why all the entrances to this structure are beneath the waters of the artificial lake Grul Malom.