Tarag-Khâlu Enclave

Enclave Armada
MembersTarag-Khâlu pirate holds
PeriodFirst Epoch onward

The Tarag-Khâlu Enclave is a term generally used to refer to the pirate holds of the bay Tarag-Khâlu. It is also used to refer to the war pact, normally shorted to just the Enclave, which can come about whenever the pirate's way of living is threatened by outsiders. In times of great war with surface and undwater civlizations from outside the bay area, the pirate holds put aside their differences and come together to meet the external threat. If it is only a small punitive expedition, like punishment for excessive pirating in the adversary's waters, then a pact is not usually formed; but if the attacker seeks to stake a claim in the bay area then a pact will undoubtably form to drive them out.

The waters of Tarag-Khâlu have been a haven for pirates since the founding of Dafrlami. Back then the pirates were eldiritch giants preying on the riches coming and going from their kindred at Dafrlami and other smaller ports.

During the Horgon Era's last quarter, the bay's economic prospects were in decline. Saer Erkjorg was gone, leaving Dafrlami exposed to pirate attacks. She could no longer depend on mighty eldritch giant galleys to defend them or punish their enemies. Dafrlami was sacked many times, leaving the place with practically nothing left to loot. To survive in a time of poor pirating prospects, many pirates were forced to become fisherman and farmers.

In the First Epoch, the founding of places like Nápoldë, Tallsard, and Klord revived Tarag-Khâlu's glory days of pirating. The bay's pirate population and activities only increased in the Second Epoch with the founding of Tragaran cities along the Saber Coast. This area was then and still the most profitable considering all the trade crossing the Pearl Sea between Ivory Asylum and the peoples of the Lands of Purity. The first united effort against an external power came in the First Tarag-Khâlu War. The pirates of the bay joined forces becoming the Tarag-Khâlu Enclave. They battled Grimmarsveinn on the seas and on land. On land, they generally suffered the worse but often had a route of escape across channels because of their command of the local rivers and the bay. Other wars have been fought with the Clan's dwarves and even against Ivory Aslyum's punitive expeditions which sought to garrison captured pirate bases and towns.

The racial make-up of the bay's pirates has changed over time, nearly mirroring the peoples they prey upon. Today, the pirate holds represent peoples from the High Wood Country, Clans, the Trolls Bogs, Lands of Purity, and even elderaunt pirates from as away as Straiden.

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