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A Focus is an area with a concentrated with a particular energy, or an individual acting as a focal point, a conduit for the energy. Of the latter, those on the path of Ascension, and Higher Powers are focuses for divine energy.

When a system has a Focus of "chaotic evil souls", this means that souls of that alignment will go to that system, called a Soul Gathering System when they die. Some worlds have a focus that is one or more elements, like Muspelheim. The use of these Focus energy types results in them being bolstered. Those of fire and or air types, like fire giants or air elementals, will also be a bit stronger than those encountered elsewhere.

Areas much smaller than a system or world can also have a Focus. Phollûmâ has a Holy focus which means that any good creature that battles evil in the place gains the ability to Smite Evil on every hit. Another large area with a Focus is the Palace of Nine. This area sits atop the Ebon Bedrock, giving it a Negative Entropy focus. Any lawful creature fighting in this edifice gains the ability to Smite Chaos on every hit. The area Flux is just the opposite, as one of Chaos, any chaotic creature fighting in this land gains the ability to Smite Law on every hit. The canyon Mark of Talos, where the god Talos was born, has a Focus of Lightning. The forest Nelaryotar has a Focus of Arcane.

Focus Areas and Beings
NameEnergy Type
Deaths KindleShadow
Ebon BedrockNegative Entropy
Endless WallNegative Entropy
GambriathDark Nature
Great Fey CirclesNature
Higher PowersDivine
Lightless CystDark Nature
Mark of TalosLightning
MechanusNegative Entropy
Mechanus LinksNegative Entropy
Palace of NineNegative Entropy
Shadow RiftShadow
Abysschaotic evil soul energy
Arboreachaotic good soul energy
Elysiumneutral good soul energy
Equipoiseneutral aligned soul energy
Gray Wasteneutral evil soul energy
Nine Hellslawful evil soul energy
Limbochaotic neutral soul energy
Nawenglorûslawful good soul energy
Nirvanalawful neutral soul energy
MertionHoly, Entropic, Negative Entropy
MuspelheimNegative Entropy, Fire, Air
TirionArcane, Nature
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