Huzibân is a lilac colored plain northeast of Sahânzar. It is bordered to the north by Phalkhîr. The surface of the Huzibân plain is covered with crystals and heavy crystalline dust. The dust gives the plain its purplish hue. The jagged spires surrounding the plain are composed of granite and crystals. Long ago, it is thought that an enormous crystal fell from the Void and impacted in this area. Most of the low mountains that were once here were probably blasted away or vaporized. Only a small part of the peaks remained, and these are embedded with thousands of crystalline shards.

At the heart of Huzibân is a massive crater called Namrêl. The walls of this nine mile diameter depression are entirely made of crystal. This crystal is the mundane sort and about 10% deep crystal. This latter type of crystal is much sought after for making crystalline items, from weaponry like psionic gear to an ornate decoration.

Scattered across the valley are tens of thousands unmoored earth motes. Crstalline, they range in size from small particles to those covering a 200' cubic area. The largest of these is a 1/2 mile diameter crystal named Sarêthul that hovers four hundred feet over the Namrêl crater.

All of the valley's earth motes resist movement. If taken from the area and not secured, they will fly back from whence they came. This flight is unerringly a straight line, anything in its path causes the crystalline mote to spin rapidly, burrowing through most obstructions. What is most interesting is that the crystal doesn't do the cutting, but instead as they spin they create a sonic shell which is devastatingly destructive.

- Aurecardórë of Herfarel - "Crystalmotes of Huzibân"

Psionicists have a psychic attraction to the Huzibân Plain. For them, the entire area resonates with an energy that makes psionic powers easier to invoke. The first people to settle in this area were elven psionicists out of Phalkhîr. They burrowed into Sarêthul with psionic powers like disintegrate, building a place of study, the monastery Varyon. Over time, this place grew in size, resulting in a honeycomb of chambers, hundreds of them scattered inside and across the surface of the sky-island Sarêthul.

The latent energy of Huzibân affects creatures and even some monsters born here. This results in them being born with psionic potential. Some learn how to use this, becoming what is known as a phyrenic creature.

Huzibân is a Focus for Psychic Energy. Psionic use in Huzibân requires 10% less power points. Psionicists are also treated as if they have the feat psionic affinity. The most dangerous aspect of Huzibân is overchaneling. Some psionicists can overchannel when manifesting a power, but in Huzibân any psionicists can do this, but it is doubly effective and causes twice as much damage.

Notable Areas