TypeMortal System
FocusNature, Arcane

In the Dawn Era, Silvanus and Corellon, both Creationists, often competed on who could make the best fey. On the world Kriav, this competition got out of hand, with Corellon seeking to outdo Silvanus, expending all of his powers of Creation in a grand test. He was trying to create a hybrid creature of both nature and arcane energy, so he linked up with Kriav's battery of arcane energy. This caused this world's Cube of Arcane to break-down, until finally collapsing upon itself. In 1301 DE, this Cube Collapse unleashed all of its magic upon Kriav. It became a world where nature and arcane energy are blended in many lifeforms, where sylvan creatures run wild, a simple stag could have the magical ability to cast arcane spells.

In the Tirion System, you won't find simple boars, cows or other animals less than a dire beast. Tirion's beasts are generally more dangerous, as is just about everything else. Magic is also more prevalent and stronger.

Neetchian scholars say Tirion and its worlds, are a failed experiment of two jealous nature gods. Their actions resulting in the Cube Collapse, a world's Cube of Arcane collapsing upon itself, flooding not just the world with magic, but the entire system around it.

One example of those that were changed by Kriav's Cube Collapse are the Kriavfahliil. They all have the ability to rift hop, which ancient tomes at Gwildath say only came about after the Cube Collapse.

- Codek-Ag, kobold Arch-Mage of Neetch

Tirion is a Mortal System; a source of Divine Power with mortals the proxy. It is a Focus for arcane and nature energies.

Astronomical Objects
NameTypeWeb of Magic
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