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FocusArcane Energy
MapNelaryotar Forest

Nelaryotar is a magical forest of northern Miradelgûn. It came about in the Lith-Crillion Era from rogue experiments performed at Belêth-Kazîr. In this crystalline tower, an insane Lith-Crillion used forbidden magic, creating a spatial rift between the worlds Kriav and Bal-Kriav. Two forests swapped places. For reasons unknown, perhaps a breakdown in the arcane energies of the Web, this change became permanent.

Nelaryotar is an exotic otherworldly forest made even more maddening in what can be found here. Arcanists who have studied the area say that disruptive arcane energies abound here. In some form or another all of the energy types can be found here. Nelaryotar is home to both normal and magical creatures. Here you can encounter nearly any magical creature ever conceived, disenchanters, digesters, lamia, dragonne, displacer beasts, living spells, arcane oozes, and constructs to name just a few. This latter group can range from as small as the homunculus to huge constructs like iron and blutium golems. These constructs were former guardians or servants of Gimir-Zarun. Made thousands of years ago, they have been destroyed an untold number of times. After destruction, these constructs eventually regenerate, fed by the forest's magical energy.

Some of Nelaryotar's vegetation have been seen spontaneously catching on fire, only too regrow in their entirety from their ashes. Even rarer, are those comprised of living metal that usually only can be found on the world Mechanus. Sprouts and saplings of this stuff are much sought after for sale to those who can afford their exorbitant price. The anomalies of this forest go far beyond just these with many having not yet been recorded. This is because exploration of the area is extremely dangerous with all the area's magical dangers.

The arcane energy coursing through this forest makes it a Focus for the Arcane. The means that any arcane spell cast here has a +4 DC and is treated as if it was empowered (as the feat Empower Spell). Casters also recover spells with only half the normal period of rest.

Notable Areas