Half-Fey Terrant
RegionCinazan, Miradelgûn
MapMavraphas Forest

Mavraphas is a large temperate forest sited between the Itinyas hills in the south to the Vadren hills to the north. It borders the Nelaryotar forest, so there are a fair number of magical creatures roaming about. Like the forest Nelaryotar, Mavraphas is an unusual area influenced by high amounts of energy. The energy flowing through Nelaryotar is arcane, while that coursing through Mavraphas is nature. This causes creatures of the forest to become either a half-fey or woodling. The chance to turn into something more nature-oriented is not as strong as on the slopes of Sarzan'nâth but enough a deterrent that the Khazarkar Empire never made inroads into the area. Those that did remain too long in the forest ended up becoming a half-fey terrant, woodling corralum or some other nature induced mix.

Mavraphas is home to thousands of Wood Woad and Thorn. These two groups are in a constant state of conflict with each claiming Mirundân as a sacred place of their people. The forest is also home to an assortment of predatory plants and monsters like assassin vines, forest trolls, and tendriculos. There are also those that are dangerous only when agitated, like shambling mounds and green ash treants.

Mavraphas has a sizable centaur population. These creatures were once jara of the Bloodletters horde. In 1115 this Jara Horde was defeated at Nibar-Pharân. The death of their khan caused the horde to break-up. Some fled into Mavraphas where they were changed into centaurs. The nature energy of this forest wiped away their villainous ways, making them more in-line with nature.

The nature energy coursing through this forest makes it a Focus for Nature. The means that any druid or nature-oriented spell cast here has a +2 DC and is treated as if it was empowered (as the feat Empower Spell). Druids also recover spells with only half the normal period of rest.