RegionTroll Bogs
Class10th paladin / 4th divine crusader
RaceDiiv Kiir
Alignmentlawful good
BirthplaceFathom Two
Born14 War March 1794

Pelhurn was born in Nonvul Vahraniik, a dragon nursery within the bowels of Fathom Two. Pelhurn, a Diiv Kiir is descended from an Eenkai mother and a male gold dragon.

Upon adulthood, he was sent to the Divine Empire with letters of merit and recommendation for joining the Divine Wreaths. He was trained in the virtues of the paladin and taught weapon skills under the finest masters of Krumisbar.

The paladin Phelhurn fought in several battles against the Nemegral. In one engagement, he slew a war troll and suffered life-level draining from a very powerful wraith. Unable to reach a priest in time, this draining became permanent.

On garrison duty at Helmstar, Pelhurn fought against the Theegans of the Witch Horde. In the epic siege of this place he slew fifty barbarians before being struck down by a lightning bolt from the Theegan witch Hazelbrow, with a shattered arm and tattered wings, Pelhurn stood up and hurled his blessed sword of Athena into the witch. Hazelbrow fell from the battlements and Pelhurn moved in for the kill, only to be met by a pair of of babau demons. The demons slew Pelhurn and left his torn body for the vultures.

Helmstar was liberated by the armies of good. When Saint Cathandril of Fortress Krumisbar learned of Pelhurn's gallant stand, he was raised from the dead. Pelhurn went on to fight many more battles in the Buruthran War (1824 - 1829 ). He would die again in the Battle of the Immaculate Sigil, again dying from the arcane blasts of a Witch Horde leader. He died in a violent conflagration, his wails of agony echoing across the battlefield, charging on-fire, burning to death, whereupon he came out of the center of a meteor swarm and embraced the witch that hurled the spell at him, both died in each other's embrace. The sight of this heroic charge inspired his allies, and a chant rose across the lines, "Pelhurn, Pelhurn, Pelhurn". The rabble of Theegans, their demonic minions, and gnoll mercenaries were driven from the field of battle.

Pelhurn was again raised from the dead, but this time not from the hands of a mortal, but by the legendary solar Galtrag. Riding on to the field of battle with pennon raised and his sword Manjular pointed at the body of Pelhurn, a brilliance radiated outward from the blade and Phelhurn breathed life again.

After this divine resurrection by Galtrag, Pelhurn returned to the Cathedral of the Triumvirate (c.f. Krumisbar) where he learned the ways of the Divine Crusader. In 1834, Pelhurn travelled the countryside giving up all his weatlth to the poor, the sick, and the invalids. He had the feeling he would not be needing it anymore. He was called to arms by the Divine Wreaths, sent on a special mission with Zhuts Explorers.