LocationBuccaneer Archipelago
Class20th psionicist (psion)
Raceintellect devourer
TitleBoss of Purl Lattice
Alignmentlawful evil
Born11 Brightstar 1602

Brainus is an intellect devourer with a remarkable intelligence that some claim rivals that of Arcana. As an intellect devourer, Brainus is neither male or female, though most refer to this personage as a he. Over a period of two centuries, he became the head of a crime syndicate known as the Purl Lattice. This organization controls criminal gangs, corporations, and other enterprises across the many ports of the Triangle of Continents.

Brainus is the Boss of the Purl Lattice. He is said to be as wealthy as any king and with a reach that knows no bounds. He communicates by telepathy, but when has to convey a message so others can hear then he will take possession of someone nearby and use them to vocalize his message.

Usually when he wants to belittle someone, he seizes control of one of his serving boys or girls and uses them to speak in a childish, yet commanding tone. This of course leads to laughter among the crime lords at attendance, and humiliation to the one spoken to.

- RĂ¢pha-Kas, former serving boy to Brainus, from his book - "In Service to Brainus"