Military - Ivory Asylum

StateIvory Asylum

The people of Ivory Asylum have long been a sea-faring people. Its strongest military branch is the navy. The land armies are considered the empire's second echelon; not looked as highly upon as the navy. All of the services and their various components are based on tribal allegiance over national interest.

Elderaunt males are trained from a young age to be highly skilled sailors of the realm's waterways. The best sailors are sent to the Sazar Academy for training in void travel and astrogation.

- unknown, "Naval Tradition of Ivory Asylum"


Iyušai, also known as I-Core, is the military intelligence branch of Ivory Asylum.


Ivory Asylum's land armies are collectively called the Nindarik. Most of the recruits for this branch come from Ivory Asylum's Ethâr state.

Ora Tubruš

Ora Tubruš is Ivory Asylum's oceanic navy. It is the most powerful sea-borne navy of Midrêth. It has proven its capability in countless battles and wars across four of Midrêth' great seas, the Pearl Sea, the Sea of Mourning, the Morwuld Briin and Mephigax.

Ora Tubruš is comprised of an array of ships and exotic creatures like sea turtles and enormous crabs. This navy also employs a fair number of submersibles, like the much feared Phamilgûn.

Late in the Third Epoch, Ora Tubruš began constructing monstrous constructs called Siege Crabs. They came upon this ancient technology after raiding one of the outposts of Zhuts Explorers.

The most dangerous element of Ora Tubruš's ships are her crews of marines. These crack soldier-sailors are highly trained and very tough, having mastered the art of amphibious landings and capturing enemy ships.

Ora Tubruš is also in charge of naval defenses of the ports and sea channels of Ivory Asylum. One of the largest defensive networks they maintain are the Caltrops of Ginnoth.

Ora Šachan

Ora Šachan is the air and void navy of Ivory Asylum. They continue the tradition of ship naming in their sky fleet with vessels being named after sea-borne creatures; the Lamprey Destroyer and the Whale Cruiser are two examples. Ivory Asylum seeks to control the skies as much as the seas. In their early years of flight, they were trained by the military advisors and trainers serving the Giff League and Deep Six.

The Ora Šachan military department is headquartered in Rîni.