LocationBuccaneer Archipelago

Rest is an island at the heart of Ghol Markúl, which is seemingly normal enough, except that Rest and the other islands that make-up this area were once all part of one big island. In the Horgon Era, Poseidon intervened in mortal affairs with the Sundering of Ghol Markúl. This wiped out Abâthigûrean forces on the island.

When Ghol Markúl was broken, it left a ring of large islands and hundreds of smaller islands. Rest, like many other islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago have varied names, depending on who found it, who later claimed it and renamed it, or a name found in some ancient map of the area and kept for no other reason than consistency.

Names of places change more in the Buccaneer Archipelago than any other named areas of the realm. Historians have tried to keep names fixed in this region of the realm, but after a hundred years, everyone is saying the new name of the area, and then questioning the validity of the history books. The cartographers of ports follow whatever the captains agree to as what an area is called, so after some time we decided to keep historical records and maps consistent.

Perhaps in an another millennia, some law and civilization will come to the Buccaneer Archipelago and they will find some name and keep it into perpetuity.

- Ermikel the Balance, "Name Games of Buccaneer Archipelago"

Rest is claimed by the League of Gyalech. They use this island as a source for their ship building timber. Most of the wood of this island is Hullback; from the Hullback Forest. Up until the Tyrian League theft of 1834, Rest was the only source for this much sought after shipbuilding material.