Typearcane lore

In a dead magic zone, no magic, psionics, artifact, or mage-like power will function. Divine magic and constructs also do not work. Intelligent undead and other creatures subject only to magical attacks favor these areas. Most dead magic zones are created by irreparable tears in the Web of Magic.

One of the largest dead magic zones is Balormene. It was intentionally created by the Lith-Crillion to shut down a stone colossus that they probably lost control of.

For the deadening effect, a dead magic zone typically covers a 10d10 x 10' cubic area. The dust from dead magic zones are sometimes gathered to be used in nullifier dust. The area of effect for exploding rounds using this dust is equal to the artillery piece used to fire the round.

A temporary dead magic zone is created when a Globule of Arcane is destroyed. This creates an area of dust that is just as magic deadening as Balormene, though on a much smaller scale.

Dead Magic Zones