Bone Rake

CategorySailing Ships
Classcatamaran, unique
BuilderCoral Maze
OwnerIvory Asylum

Bone Rake was discovered on the Torvild island by Zhuts Cutthroats.

The hulls and single deck of the Bone Rake are crafted of aquatic materials. The deck is composed of fused bone ribs of killer whales. The twin hulls are constructed of the light internal scales of giant squids. The use of these scales matches the building style and materials used in kna dwellings.

The Bone Rake is a magical craft. Its speed is magically increased and it has several magical powers.

Hit Points150
AC 11 (+5 natural, -4 size)
Size18' long, 8' beam
Powersail, magic
Speed20 knots
Cost18,000 GP
Special Qualities
  • summon a 40' diameter fog cloud, 1/day
  • unaffected by Evocation spells