Ogre Lord

Typecultural lore

The term Ogre Lord came into use for renown Toomrur leaders of Thingrorn. When one of them perished in battle, no matter their former allegiances or deeds, they were bury at Mauhúlfúr.

In 1802, when the Ogre Union came to power, they moved to replace the warrior tradition of tribes which commonly payed fealty to Ogre Lords rather than a centralized state. Many still yearn for the old days of living a nomadic lifestyle of pillage, conquest, and glory.

Notable Ogre Lords
Agdúmwar bandSecond Epoch
Ches'saxwar band, dictatorHorgon Erafounded Bughor
Eneriyeswar band, dictatorFirst Epochfounded Dumugon, Norgtrum
Golthesswar bandFirst EpochFall of Stygnhild
Jidekaiwar bandFirst Epochfounded Khatúlg
Khadonwar bandHorgon Eraled the Toomrur across the Sands of Hell
MorbakhKhatúlgSecond, Third Epoch
Onaidaxwar band, dictatorHorgon Erafounded Gúra
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