PortDistance toPort
Boraresh5 milesGháshulg
Gháshulg200 milesIdrongrun
Idrongrun210 milesKangjald
Kangjald 115 milesGúluzgash
Gúluzgash60 milesMazandabad
Mazandabad50 milesBlack Forge
Black Forge140 milesCelebriän
Celebriän150 milesMinazagân
Minazagân140 milesRat
North to South Ports of Call
RegionGrashakh, Hells Womb
MapForonir River

The Foronir river begins at the southern tip of Boraresh. The river picks up speed as it flows down through the Mauhúl valley and southward out of Grashakh. Along the way it is joined by many streams and smaller rivers draining from places like Bileddanul, Giant Steps, and Nárfaltuin. When it passes Idrongrun, the waters become turbulent and dangerous to navigate.

In Hells Womb, the river widens to nearly three miles and begins to slow down. It flows a southern course through this region and drains into the Sea of Mourning. In this region, the river's width makes it a formidable barrier to cross. Being on the west side of the river is what saved places like Celebriän and holds of the Council of Bile from the ravages of the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504).

For thousands of years, the waters of Foronir has served as the primary means of moving products to distant markets. In the First Epoch and into the middle of the Second Epoch, the Gimak sent their goods down the river to trade with the elven peoples of Lorthrindal and Celebriän. Some of these goods were then taken overland to the Kal-Oni empire.

In Hells Womb, most of the trade between the Council of Bile and Celebriän is by way of the Foronir. In the Third Epoch, the Orchish Empire and Umahanbad began using this river to trade with the southern peoples. It wasn't till the advent of steam ships late in the Third Epoch, that the river saw traffic going from Hells Womb into Grashakh. In Hells Womb, the Council of Bile uses the river to move goods to villages, towns, outposts and then down to the Sea of Mourning; where they are moved to ocean going vessels and shipped to overseas markets.

Notable Areas