The Favánë is an Underdark river that starts at Naluk-Gar. Some of the waters of Orondir, a surface swamp, drain down through the earth and into aqueducts at Naluk-Gar. The river then winds its way through Sigan-Kûn. It is flanked by a fungal forest called Erochel.

At the farms outside of Naluk-Gar, then a holding of Nazgarun, the city's alchemists experimented with increasing the population of their enslaved myconid. The deep gnomes sought to increase the myconid's population growth rate so they could employ them in their conflicts with Zandûl-Khâl. The Favánë became a magical river when it was polluted with pixie dust from the world Kriav. The magic of the river's waters caused the plants around it to grow faster and larger.

Periodically, feydark fissures open along the river. They are usually unnoticeable unless your are using magic or are attuned to such things. Many of the plants, critters, and creatures of Sigan-Kûn and Erochel came to Bal-Kriav by way of these inter-system rifts.

Nazgarun's experiments with alien pixie dust sterilizing the locale myconid population. The myconids now encountered across Greroch and nearby regions are either descendants of those that came over from Kriav, or recent arrivals. These Kriavian myconids are much more cunning and intelligent sort than those normally found on Bal-Kriav.

The Sahânzar is the breadbasket of Cinazan and its peoples. In the dark reaches below, we have our own breadbasket, it is the areas touched by the Favánë, the fungal forest of Erochel and Sigan-Kûn.

- Chisel, regional report at a Glade Summit - "Faeglor's Breadbasket"