Gebs Cradle

RegionNorthern Hordelands

Gebs Cradle is one of the three sunken lands of Zyrath. The second largest after the Manduggiss Trench, Gebs Cradle is roughly one hundred miles long and thirty miles at its widest. Looking down into it, one sees the light give way to darkness, a seemingly bottom pit. At a depth of nearly one mile, this hole gives way to another world with travelers having left the world Bal-Kriav and entered one of the subterranean reaches of the world Kriav.

At some point in the descent, probably about a a mile down, one leaves this world and enters another. You are now on the world Kriav. This transitional zone is a rift, more specifically a feywild fuse. The others side seems to be in good hands. There is an Earthen city called Hornfels, home to those more interested in commerce and civilization than their likes raging across Karnegmoth.

- NĂ­rath, of the Portal Sentinels - "Gebs Cradle Report, 16 Witchrite 1138"

There are two maintained roads descending into Gebs Cradle. They as trade-ways for moving goods and peoples across worlds. Carefully hidden from view, the Portal Sentinels have several outposts in this area. They monitor the traffic coming and going, watching for an invasion's vanguard.

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