Roving Trapper
RegionHigh Wood Country

Einreth is one of two desolate wastelands of the High Wood Country sector Voternil; the other is Baranarth. In the High Wood Quake, these areas went from being verdant forests to desolate wastelands. This came about from the creation of many feydark fissures - rifts linking Bal-Kriav's Underdark with Kriav Underdark. The surge of nature energy that comes through these rifts is what turned Einreth into a wasteland. When she was still a Nature Protectorate, the druidess Aredhel did a study on these areas. She said the area's plant-life was overloaded with nutrients, too much for them to handle, so they all died - the vegetation you now find across Einreth is more like what you find on the other side of the rift.

Einreth is dotted with jagged spires, marshes, and geysers. Only the hardiest of plants can survive in this seemingly corrupt landscape. Hundreds of smoking pools, gas vents, and two large sink-holes are features that were brought about by the High Wood Quake. Some of these sink-holes transition into rifts with nothing to tell you that you have left one world and entered another.

The High Wood Quake has completely changed an area of my protectorate. A verdant forest, abundant with wildlife, is all but gone except in name. Einreth is now a desolate wasteland, home to fell creatures from Kriav's Underdark, and corrupted by feydark fissures. This place must be monitored, for something dire could cross into this realm from one of these fissures.

- Aredhel, regional report at a Glade Summit - "1251 High Wood Quake"

The wastelands of Einreth can be a dangerous place to travel. Creatures such as bloodbloater oozes and bloodthorns prowl the marshes. The rough and tumbled terrain beyond the marshes is home to bonespears, death dogs, and bands of shadow giants. Creatures from the Underdark occasionally come out and make raids on the nearby forests. The most dangerous of these are those under the command of the drow or the fomorians.

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