Roving Trapper
RegionHigh Wood Country

Einreth is a desolate wasteland of Voternil. In 1251, the region was shaken by the High Wood Quake. This resulted in the opening of many feywild fuses, linking the Einreth Forest with another place on the faraway world of Kriav. As is common with rifts, a bleed-over of energies followed. Einreth, then a verdant forest, was turned into a desolate wasteland as a surge of nature energy coursed through the forest.

When she was still a Nature Protectorate, the druidess Aredhel did a study on this area and Baranarth; a similarly changed place to the north. She said:

... the area's plant-life was overloaded with nutrients, too much for them to handle, so they all died - the vegetation you now find across Einreth is more like what you find on Kriav's side of the rift.

A verdant forest, abundant with wildlife, is all but gone except in name. Einreth is now a desolate wasteland, home to fell creatures crawling up from Kriav's subterranean reaches, They come through short-lived feywild fuses, contaminating our world.

- Aredhel, regional report at a Glade Summit - "Aftermath of the High Wood Quake"

Einreth is dotted with jagged spires, marshes, and geysers. Only the hardiest of plants can survive here. Sometimes the area's sink-holes and crevasses, someway down, transition into feywild fuses, taking travelers to the a distant world if they dare.

Einreth's wetlands are home to bloodbloater oozes and bloodthorns, while rough and tumbled terrain is the abode of bonespears, death dogs, and bands of shadow giants. Creatures from the subterranean reaches occasionally come out and make raids on the nearby forests. The most dangerous of these raiders are those under the command of the drow or the fomorians.

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