RegionNorthern Hordelands
Area150 sq miles

Linga-Mal is a twisted and barbed forest west of the Kanorthak mountains. This eerie forest spans the valley between these peaks and the great depression of Gebs Cradle.

The forest was named by the Theegans. They named the place after an enormous battlebriar that haunted the area for decades. The beast was so powerful that when the Theegans set part of the forest on fire, Linga-Mal followed them back to their holding and leveled one of their keeps. The destruction was so complete that only a few blocks of this place now exist.

The battlebriar Linga-Mal perished many years later when it confronted a red dragon named Apocaleen. This scion of Tiamat was hunting in the twisted forest that Linga-Mal claimed entirely his own. The dragon was cunning enough to remain aloft and anger Linga-Mal with fire and spells. The fight lasted hours, with Apocaleen finally luring the battlebriar to the looming abyss of Gebs Cradle. Linga-Mal fell into this depression and was never heard from again. If you ask the older and wiser druids, they will say that Linga-Mal did not die, and that it is unlikely that anything less than a god could kill this frighteningly powerful creature.

- Quengaldo, elder treant of Einglach - "Legend of Linga-Mal"

Linga-Mal is a haven for battlebriars. During the time of the battlebriar Linga-Mal, the forest had only one. The Theegans and gnolls of the region claim that very powerful and old woodland spirits dwell in the forest and that they using fey witchery to make more of these forest dreadnoughts.

Battlebriars from this area are sometimes sold to foreign empires. The Farinteens purchased two of them during the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). The elves of the High Wood Country have also purchased some of these creatures for use in their conflicts with the drow and the dwarves of the Clans.

The barbed stalks, feywild fuses, and some of the other vegetation of this forest are not part of Bal-Kriav. They have seeped in from Kriav. Creatures with the ability to use pass plant spells can move through these stalks, leaving the world Bal-Kriav for the world Kriav.

Notable Areas