RegionNorthern Hordelands

Linga-Mal is a twisted and barbed forest west of the Kanorthak mountains. An eerie place, it is tainted by its many feywild fuses; links to the faraway world of Kriav.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, the Wolfspirits, a Gnoll tribe that have long lived in this area, named the forest after an enormous battlebriar. It was a witch-spawned creature, unbound and unchecked, hunting for want and sport. They gained respect for the creature when after setting its home ablaze, Linga-Mal followed them back to their camps, reducing a tribe of four hundred to a mere handful by rampage, then tracking and slaying survivors for weeks on end.

They say the battlebriar Linga-Mal perished many years later, battling Apocaleen. Not liking this red dragon hunting in its territory, the two met with anger. After nearly losing a limb, Apocaleen took flight. She turned to luring her foe west to the looming abyss of Gebs Cradle.

Linga-Mal, enraged and wounded, fell into this depression, never heard from again. There are some say that Linga-Mal did not die, for nothing less than a god could kill a creature so frighteningly powerful.

- Quengaldo, elder treant of Einglach - "Legend of Linga-Mal"

The people of the region say that very powerful, old woodland spirits haunt this forest. Using fey witchery, they create forest dreadnoughts like the battlebriars, selling them to empires and those rich enough to afford them.