RegionTribe Steppes

Iringrith is an unusual high ground in Morteban's eastern tracts. A mesa, it is roughly 400' high and covers an area a little more than 200 square miles. One of the features on the mesa's top is a lake of bubbling salt water. This alien body of water came about when a feywild fuse ruptured, creating a permanent rift between Bal-Kriav and the world Kriav. By the ebb and flow of the tides, the salty water of Kriav's ocean leaks across, overflowing the Iringrith Vat and mesa, replenishing the waters of the Imsavild Swamp.

Over thousands of years, the vegetation around Iringrith has been altered from the otherworldly waters. This creating plant anomalies that glow, created predatory ones from normal ones, warped lush fruit that now bears poison ones, and led to the development of a new type of elm tree called Tashmar.

Notable Areas
  • Iringrith Vat