Entropy Breach
RegionHigh Wood Country

Nanyerien used to be just another smaller named forest within the great primeval forest Taurquion. This began to change after the High Wood Quake created feywild fuses linking the Underdark reaches of Kriav with areas beneath the Einreth Wasteland. It is thought that nature energy seeping its way through the forest from the Pyramid of Nature, in some way mixed with otherworldly energies bleeding through the rifts, weakening the fabric of the Web. This created what is called an Entropy Breach where the energies of Chaos bleed into another area. The results of this are strangely shaped landscape, fauna, beasts and animals taking on entropic properties. The people of RĂºmil that once lived here, also became entropic and far more independent than their ancestors. Today, they claim allegiance to know one but their tribes; having give up on the civilization of empires and cities and returning to a simpler, xenophobic, and care-free existence.