PortDistance toPort
Tarbhunarâg220 milesHarworb
Harworb400 miles Heresselin
Heresselin270 miles Incubus
North to South Ports of Call
RegionClans, High Wood Country, Northern Hordelands
MapTunzâr River

The river Tunzâr starts at the foothills of the Gakhs where it begins its long journey southward. It picks up speed breaking over massive boulders and rocks in the Tazundurka valley. In this area its is all but unnavigable without canoes. After joining with many tributaries and another small river from the west, the river widens considerably. It then flows easterly into the Siguzilbak forest and into the lands of Fargimdal. At this point, the river is wide and moves fast. Tunzâr continues east into the High Wood Country, flowing between the Tulandur and the Hambrimoth hills before spilling into Lethiel lake. On the far side of this great lake, the river continues south into the Northern Hordelands where it empties into Kapha-Lak.