Whiteblood is a lone mountain on the eastern edge of the Tazundurka valley. With an elevation of 35,000', its upper parts are perpetually covered in snow and ice. When conditions are right, usually in the warmer months, Khâls Forge's setting makes the mountain's ice sheet glow. It is a dark red, a dull reflection of Khâls Forge's fiery glow. In the First Epoch, explorers out of Phaluth went looking for the cause of this glow. After removing ice and snow, they found the peak's upper reaches the cause. It had large veins of a blood red crystal, unusually hard, yet poor at keeping an edge. Similar to Whiteblood mountain, it glows when conditions were right. The conditions for this vary on the end product - weapons of Whiteblood Crystal glowing a darker red with each blood drawing hit, shields getting red glowing blotches each time they are struck, and the edges of a Whiteblood Crystal door glowing briefly when slammed shut. When the Gibil-Nâru, future founders of the kingdom of Fargimdal learned of this crystal, they bought the Whiteblood mining rights. Extremely difficult to reach, costly end products, Gibil-Nâru did not make a lot of money on this purchase. The Gibil-Nâru had no intention of selling it, instead using it for showmanship. In the last two Siguzilbak Wars, many flocked to Gibil-Nâru's mercenary armies. They wanted to be part of the storied units with their red glowing weapons. Tales were spread, saying the crystal of their hammers and maces were the cooled fragments of the star Khâls Forge, cut-away in the Creation War to heat Covenant godforges.

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