Siguzilbak is a temperate forest of the Irazaggumak valley. The forest has an abundance of birch, maple, chestnut and oak at lower altitudes, and redwood, bald cypress, and black hills spruce at higher elevations. This forest has long been the primary source of timber for the dwarven nations of the Clans region. With support from the Nature Protectorates, like-minded druids of the Clans utilize nature spells to manage the forest's growth and production. This management favors the production, so it is not so natural of a forest as the wild forests of elven lands to the east. As such, the Clans Nature Protectorate and his or her opposite in the High Wood Country have never had good relations; which mirrors the often sour relations between the dwarven and elven nations of said regions.

Roaming the deep tracts of Siguzilbak are numerous giant beetles, minotaur lizards, and giant spiders. These prey upon or are preyed on themselves by great numbers of dire wolves. Some of the giant beetles, lizards and spiders are captured and then trained by Fargimdal's merchants. They are then sold to civilians as beasts of burden or as mounts for the military. Fargimdal's light infantry of the lowlands prefer giant spider mounts over the dire mountain goats used by the highlander scouts.

Siguzilbak is territory of Fargimdal. It stretches from the southern walls of Bolnalmak then south as far as Khunwrak. It covers the valley from Harworb in the west to the Malig pass in the east.

Train tracks cross the northern eastern edge of Siguzilbak. This is the Harworb-Bolnalmak Line which links the cities Harworb and Bolnalmak. After this line was created, horse and foot travel between the cities dropped dramatically. This has resulted in the forest becoming much wilder and dangerous.