RegionHells Womb

Hlothram is a rugged mountainous area on the western edge of the Dragon Wall. The area shines with glistening blackness due to the vast quantity of obsidian found here. As a result of the vast quantity of obsidian in this area, the stone has little value as a gemstone. The largest structure to have been built with Hlothram Obsidian is the Palace of Nine. The second largest is the evil fortress of Birungrith.

During the Horgon Era, Zeymah'kein's military, the Imrithil, constructed a series of forts, towers, and walls where rugged crags meet the Dargirth. Today, there are over five hundred strong points spread across a fifty mile line, most in ruins. They are made with basalt, obsidian and lava stone. The purpose of this great defensive network, the Hlothram Bildrun Rigevoth, was to defend against demon invaders coming out of Valefor.

Notable Resources