Heinjar Sorgny

RaceStorm and Cloud Giants

Heinjar Sorgny, which in Giant has the meaning "storm clouds", are families of storm and cloud giants that were perhaps the first of their kind. They were purposely built by the primordials, or perhaps something even older, to dwell among the clouds and high elevations. Sometime in the Dawn Era, one of Heinjar Sorgny's storm giants rose to prominence. This giant was Talos. He became the leader of these families and upon becoming a primordial power took them under his wing. They became soldiers of the innumerable masses serving the primordials in their war against the gods.

One of the theaters of combat for Talos was Bal-Kriav. When he came to this world, he worked with Geb to move an unthinkably large earthen mass to this realm. They pulled it through a rift where it settled in the ocean Morwuld Briin. This new landmass became known as the isle Angvild. Geb and Talos then worked to separate a fortified plateau from the island's central mass. They were helped in their digging and engineering work by the Heinjar Sorgny. Most of the administrative, whip cracking, and engineering was done by the storm giants. The cloud giants did the back-breaking work and other menial tasks. Those cloud giants that sought to break this hierarchy disappeared or perished under unusual circumstances - this usually met being struck by a lightning from a rogue storm.

In 1455, me and my crew broke past the defenses and giant patrols around this colossal ageless bastion. Those giants we had to fight were nothing compared to the innumerable death giants that patrolled the halls of Godnaeulf. The most terrifying aspect of them was their ability to use lightning and electrical attacks. After the loss of half of my men, we finally made it to a balcony in an open sky domed chamber. This was a palace of a different age, one where a primordial seated himself. This place, seat of power for when Talos was not yet a god.

Looking about the place, we quickly learned who was doing most of the killing that we had read about and enforcing a hierarchy among the cloud and storm giants. In the palace room of Godnaeulf we viewed walls decorated with hundreds of cloud giant skulls. It was evident that many of them had probably died from severe head trauma or suffered from a hole burned into their cranium - like from a powerful lightning bolt.

- Last Ralban, former adventurer, excerpt from his novel - "Ark of the Clouds"

The Heinjar Sorgny were the fore-bearers for most of the cloud and storm giants that today dwell across Bal-Kriav. Any others were probably once under the liege of another primordial power and were trapped here after their defeat in the Creation War. The regimentation of the storm giants and cloud giants still holds in some areas of the realm. The Aslauthroa, led by storm giants and though with more cloud giant mobility, still had a society that was mainly controlled by families of storm giants. Griddrir, once capital of Aslauthroa, still has a society where storm giants hold higher stations, while those of Krarkauk have a more egalitarian society.

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