Onaikai riding a demon raptor
RaceDemon (Demon Lord)
Alignmentchaotic evil

Onaikai has been trapped in the Kernsking mountains since 9493 GE, nearly 7,000 years. He was one of more than a dozen demon lords that invaded Bal-Kriav in a conflict pitting demons against angels. Angels and their allies of the Quara'tun Covenant defeated this evil. The demons fled back through their rifts, returning to Piranoth’s Steps to lick their wounds.

When the demons fled, thousands of their own were left behind as prisoners or being too far from any escape route, were caught and imprisoned. Nobody was going to risk escorting these prisoners to a rift, especially since tens of thousands of free demons were fleeing for them. The Quara'tun Judges, heads of the legal grounds for the Demon Spawn War issued Covenant Order 436-X12. It said that all imprisoned demons were to be executed. Their reasoning was that the demons were simply too evil and dangerous to be left in the Quara'tun system. Most of these orders were carried out.

A Higher Power, be they god, demon lord, archdevil, or primordial lord, are vessels of tremendous power. They are charged by the same energy as their home system. When the order got around to kill the demon prisoners, a primordial, one who had fought against the angels in the Creation War, but was now their ally in the Demon Spawn War, decided to keep one prisoner alive. Talos, 5,000 years before he would become a Higher Power, decided to hide Onaikai. He spent hundreds of years trying to figure out how to harness Onaikai’s latent energy.

Today, most call the feldspar block entombing Onaikai, the Weathermaker. A select few of Griddrir's storm giant shamans are allowed near this altar at the heart of a remote Temple to Talos. This temple is called Ottaki, this name a play on the demon's name that is imprisoned inside it.

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