On the sky-island Gurnskolf, at the end of a river where it becomes a waterfall is an ancient temple to Talos. It was built by storm and cloud giants, so the place is big. They made it with a blue and white striated marble, common to the glacial area Idgri. Quite often, the temple is masked in clouds; not unusual considering that the area in which the temple rests is 21,000' above sea level. The temple is divided into an outer grounds and an inner grounds. The inner ground is reachable by a pair of twenty foot high doors, each eight feet wide and made of Lapis Ice.

Inside this temple is a feldspar block entombing the demon lord Onaikai. This altar is often referred to as the Weathermaker. Worshipers of Talos are ignorant of the fact that it contains a trapped demon lord. This is because Onaikai has convinced those that come before him to view the alter, the Weathermaker, to be nothing more than a vessel of power. This altar is hidden under the temple behind a complex chamber that lowers and rotates to open into a cavern. Only a select few of Griddrir's storm giant shamans are allowed near this altar. Other worshipers use another altar in the main area of the temple.

The temple's name Ottaki is a play on the demon's name imprisoned here. The naming of the place, influenced by its prisoner, came long after Talos had left the Mortal Systems. Talos is aware of the trouble that can come from the demon lord imprisoned in this temple, yet it is all his own doing when he ignored Covenant Order 436-X12. If he followed this directive of the Quara'tun Judges, Onaikai would be dead.

One area of the temple is called Vilksorli Aldis, translating from the Giant tongue to Courtyard of Rods. In this area are iron obelisks pitted and burned from lightning. These Lightning Rods are forged from the melted down armor and weapons of those defeated by Talos and his army in the Demon Spawn War.

Above the temple are three fighting platforms, Gjak, Vinir, and Hafinn. They are named for three shamans who died defending the temple from the Harbinger of Chaos. This battle in 851 LE lasted an entire day. The temple defenders, many storm and cloud giants included, died in great numbers. In the end the beast was driven off. This was a great relief to those making the trek up the Vine Roads to pray before Ottaki's great altars to Talos. The fighting platforms are half-circles with a parapet sized for protecting a storm giant. As a result of a treaty with the Khazarkar Empire, and to keep the temple from being treated as a military target, Griddir is required to keep these areas undefended, sealed up both naturally and magically.

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Notable Areas
  • Gjak
  • Vinir
  • Hafinn