Sussgurd-Necrocrypt Rebellion

Period1011 HE - 1019 HE
BelligerentsAbâthigûr civil war

This civil war encompassed the islands of Necrocrypt. It began only days after the fall of the Durkoth-led Abâthigûr Empire. The empire's fall was decades in the making. It had been declining each year as more and more Durkoth joined what would later become known as the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE).

After the last of the Durkoth left for deep waters, the next in line took their positions as masters. These were the Hydrocur. They considered it the natural order of things. It has always been that way, Durkoth, then Hydrocur, then Sussgurd. Dating to the times before the Horgon Empire, the Hydrocur had served as Durkoth enforcers and overseers of their master's Sussgurd minions. The Sussgurd, the descendants of those lucky to escape the Second Suellk Invasion (430 HE - 537 HE) and the ignominy of being another's "brain food", contested this unlawful right. They legally showed that no law had been written stating that only Hydrocur could be leaders. Hydrocur defense made claims of Durkoth insanity that came with their mutations, and that the Durkoth had never foreseen such an outcome where they would all abandon all they had once held dear. As such, they would need to go on precedent, with Hydrocur taking the role of masters, Sussgurd as the enforcers, and others would fill the role they once had. When the Hydrocur-led court ruled in favor of themselves, the Sussgurd rebelled.

Now rebels, the Sussgurd took to the jungles and highlands of Gathrot and its sister islands, using guerrilla tactics against their new masters. In the war's fourth year, the Hydrocur corralled the rebels towards Maphas-Kas. In this area, particularly at the Cinnuru Mine, the rebels fell prey to powerful undead, necromantic traps and other baleful influences left behind by Molakh-Búle. Many became undead and turned on the living and either slaughtered them or turned them into undead. For the rest of the civil war, the undead picked off elements of both sides.

In 1019 HE, the Hydrocur left the rebels behind. They left islands overrun by undead, moving their entire population to Ginnoth. Some Sussgurd escaped to the Karnegmoth colonies. Those that did not became undead.