Barâb-Tarban is a prison lab under Mularûn. During the reign of the Abâthigûr Empire, it was one of many labs used by the Durkoth in their study of the lifeforms around them. Later, it became a place for practicing necromancy and undead creation. The Durkoth, even those under the all-powerful Molakh-Búle, were against such things. As a result of passive resistance, they were successful in having the place closed down. It was never truly sealed though, with Molakh-Búle continuing to use the place into the last days of his empire.

When the Hydrocur prepared to leave Necrocrypt, they plundered this place, making off with some of the tomes and research of their former masters. One of the most important items they made off with was the book Maurgîn-Hîr.