Undead of Barâb-Tarban
Built9 Brightstar 946 HE

Barâb-Tarban is a prison lab under Mularûn. During the reign of the Abâthigûr Empire (862 HE - 1011 HE), it was one of many labs used by the Durkoth in their study of the lifeforms around them. Later, it became a place for practicing necromancy and undead creation. The Durkoth, even those under the all-powerful Molakh-Búle, were against such things. As a result of passive resistance, they were successful in having the place closed down. Never truly sealed, Molakh-Búle continued to use this place into the last days of his empire.

When the Hydrocur were leaving Necrocrypt, Barâb-Tarban was plundered. They made off with some of the tomes and research of their former masters, with the most important being a tome called Maurgîn-Hîr.